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Nancy's Administrative Assistance - The Secretary When YOU Need Her!

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Professional Services With A Personal Touch

* Word Processing
* Spreadsheets
* Data Entry
* Transcription
* Internet Research
* Proofreading

We Provide...

Professional, experienced secretarial services dedicated to making YOU, the client, benefit. Committed to providing proficient and reliable service with respect to your time frame. Now, a secretary when YOU need her, and NOT when you don't!

Affordable Pricing

Yes, rates are cost-effective and affordable!  Basic rates starting at $10 per hour!  Although pricing varies depending on the project, rates can be per page, hourly, or per assignment based on the tasks involved.  Due to the individualized nature of assignments, fees are tailored to be the most cost-effective and reasonable for your situation and assignment.

Together we can work on an as-needed, flexible basis for one-time projects, predetermined and arranged schedules for recurring assignments, and/or specifically appointed intervals for all-encompassing office coverage - all personalized to your distinct and unique necessities.

Additional Information

For more information about who we are and the benefits of our services, please read the "How It Started" page. For questions, link to the "Let's Talk" page.

Nancy's Adminstrative Assistance - The Secretary When YOU Need Her...NOT When You Don't!

To find out about our pricing packages or discuss any questions you may have, please call              570-992-2375. Or send an e-mail request to Nancy's Administrative Assistance

Nancy's Administrative Assistance - The Secretary When YOU Need Her...NOT When You Don't!89097